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About Laird

Before I tell you a little about myself, I would like to thank all of the people- friends and strangers, who have graciously allowed me to photograph them. Every time that I look at your photo, it is with gratitude, and appreciation for your kindness. I cannot tell you how very much it means to me!

And thank you to Phil Okrend for the use of his original music, Sunshower (Portraits Gallery). Available on iTunes.

Also, thank you to Aaron and Wyatt Mones, also known as TheDaydreamers, for the use of their music, Paper Child, and Once Was A Man (Musicians Gallery). Available at:

I was born and raised in Wisconsin, but have spent half of my life living in Jersey City, and working in Manhattan. I have been taking photos since I was a child when I was given an old camera. Although I have been distracted by other creative pursuits, I have never stopped taking photos. I always have a camera with me. In graduate school, I was required to take hundreds of hours of life drawing classes. It somewhat re-wired my brain, because drawing demands that you make constant comparisons of spatial relationships; it’s a highly critical level of thought. Since then I have been fascinated with the complexity and beauty of faces.

Outward appearance is not everything to me, though. It is the soul and personality of the person that makes photographing people so wonderful. There are split seconds when that soul reveals itself completely, and it comes through the eyes.

I am also attracted to serenity, another way of connecting to Spirit. You may see that in many of my other photos.

I have been witness to numerous historic events in New York, such as September 11th, 2001, and Occupy Wall Street. I went to Zucotti Park (which is adjacent to the World Trade Center Property) almost daily since it was located very close to my Manhattan office. Despite how they may have been portrayed by some in the media, as a group, the protesters were very caring (and patriotic!) people, as were the thousands of visitors who came to the encampment daily to show support. It was so nice to hang out there! I present an assortment of photos as witness to the event and the brave people who came to stand up for justice, and an end to corruption and unlimited corporate power in this country. Notice all of the flags, and signs, some of which show a sense of humor.

Footnote: [After Hurricane Sandy hit], "in addition to the National Guard and FEMA, one of the more active relief efforts in New York City has been a volunteer effort organized by alumni of Occupy Wall Street called Occupy Sandy Relief. Along with groups like and, Occupy activists quickly mobilized hundreds, and then thousands, of people to help affected areas of New York City. " (Excerpted from

My newest gallery, The Barely Visible, focuses on the homeless.  As I walk the streets, I see the obvious people with their shopping carts full of their stuff, but after a while I started noticing the homeless people who blend into the background. Everything that they own is in a backpack, rolling suitcase, or one shopping bag. You might mistake them for students or even tourists. They might own a cellphone, but they have no home to go to. For one reason or another, many of the homeless sleep during the day and I don't disturb them to ask if I can take their photo. Notice the irony of the signs some of them sleep under.

My educational influences:

BSE in Elementary Education & Fine Art (double major)

BFA in Advertising Design (Concentration in drawing and photography)

Computer software courses at the New School; Parsons School of Design

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